Innovox enjoys huge respect in the AV industry. This Minnesota-based company makes truly spectacular speakers that both aesthetically and sonically suit any environment you can imagine. They’re particularly good at reproducing human speech intelligibly, which is a powerful point of difference in a world that depends on remote communication to a huge and growing extent. So what was the problem? For one thing, the company wasn’t leading with its strengths; the brand felt muddled. Further complicating the buyer’s journey, the company’s marketing communication tended to focus on technical features rather than benefits of Innovox technology. Those benefits could be inferred by tech-heads, of course, but for laypeople the site just came off as confusing.

Even for an AV industry veteran like myself, it was a struggle to absorb Innovox’s vast product lineup. They created so many custom products, and their catalog seemed infinite. So we proceeded on two tracks. We shrank the catalog, updated the price lists, and reorganized product management. This was essential in order to avoid scaring away a huge percentage of prospective buyers.

At the same time, we undertook a significant rebrand that drilled down into the real benefits of Innovox speakers – most importantly, their unparalleled ability to ENGAGE audiences with specialized audio technology. Another strength is what you might call Innovox speakers’ “off-the-rack customizability.” Normally, you’d need a totally custom setup to provide the kind of sound and aesthetics Innovox speakers deliver, but the tailorability of the company’s offerings makes it possible to mix and match stock items to achieve very, very precise objectives. An additional benefit of their customizable nature is how well they blend into their surroundings. Innovox speakers remove visual distractions that might lessen engagement. This company is a technological leader, and I’m proud to work with them.